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This year at ECC we are giving anyone the opportunity to join many of us as we read through the Bible together!

We'll be using the Bible reading plan called "The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan." Click the link to print off a .pdf version of the plan.

We also will have handout booklets of the plan at church for anyone.

But we hope you join us! It takes around 10-15 minutes a day, but it's such a joy to consistently be in God's word and to read through the Bible in a year!

Plus, this plan has multiple "catch up" days every month, making it easier to get through.

We will have a signup at church, as we hope that those of us who read will become a little community, to encourage one another and to stir one another on to keep reading. And if you do sign up and are not able to continue at some point in the year, it isn't a big deal at all!

For more information on the plan and why it is so beneficial to do a Bible reading plan, listen to this helpful 12 minute interview with Pastor John Piper.